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Friday, March 13, 2015

Royal Southern Brotherhood Rock Homer, A

What: Concert review
Who: Royal Southern Brotherhood
When: March 13th 2015
Where: Center of the Arts, Homer, NY

Above: Devon Allman james out on his signed guitar at Center of the Arts, Homer, NY

     Last night, rock blues super group Royal Southern Brotherhood rocked the Center of the Arts in Homer, NY. Consisting of Gregg Allman's son Devon Allman, New Orleans natives Cyril Neville and guitarist Bart Walker, as well as drummer Yonrico Scott, and bassist Charlie Wooton, the band has heavy roots in both Rock N' Roll and blues music.

     This was evident as the group powered through a two hour set last night in Homer, NY at the Center of the Arts. While the other members of the band jammed out in their own unique way, Devon Allman stole the show, ripping up his signed guitar by Les Paul at the front of the stage while making those ever so worthwhile blues faces. Because let's be honest, when your playing the blues, you've got to look cooling doing it.
     While the group overshadowed some amazing performers that came to the small Church in Homer where the Center of the Arts over the years, including an unbelievable concert by Samantha Fish earlier in 2015, Royal Southern Brotherhood held their own. They jammed out to a near sold out crowd consisting of a few hundred blues fans in the Church.

     The drummer, Yonrico Scott, and bassist Charlie Wooton both had some impressive solos that got the crowd cheering and clapping for more. You could see some great connection between these two members as they made some in sync moves throughout the show.

     The Arts Center of Homer was more honest and homier than ever before, with the owner coming out and explaining how the venue is run and getting a little bit personal with the attendees. With his motto of 'If this is your first time, you'll be back here for sure," is indeed a true statement, There were some friendly faces in the audience because most people from the Samantha Fish event turned up to this one as well.

     While the older crowd only got up and danced during the encore, they showed their appreciation for the band by standing up and cheering them on almost every song.
Outside as the temperatures dropped and lead guitarist Devon Allman commented to Wildfire Reviews during his smoke break on how they were playing a private party the next night and they were a bit excited about that as they don't do those types of events that often. Despite being a bit homesick and bummed out he was missing his son's fifteen birthday party the next week, Devon was on fire that night keeping the Allman name legendary and still powerful in the face of rock blues music.

Grade: A

Photos by Justin Gorelick

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