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Friday, March 27, 2015

Kendrick Lamar's 3rd album is a hip hop masterpiece, A+

What: Album review
Who: Kendrick Lamar
When: March 2015
Why: the 3rd album debut from Kendrick Lamar
Above, Kendrick's newest single 'I'

California native borne Kendrick Lamar keeps on stepping it up on everything he's done the past several years, and his third studio release album, To Pimp a Butterfly, is no exception. In fact, the album is not only 2015's best album of the year so far, but it's a true hip hop masterpiece. 
As much as the album reflects on hip hop legends like Snoop and Pac, it significances Lamar as a 'true hustler' as he points out in the last song on the record as someone who finally knows the genre well and can perfect it to a t.
Each song is not just musically powerful and awe inspiring, but the lyrics are so strong that they present themselves almost entirely different from the songs themselves. You might think this might be a bad thing, but Kendrick manages to do it in such a way that it's so unique and musically stunning at the same time. His lyrics throughout Pimp a Butterfly raises serious questions on life itself and a reflection of what things are in today's crazy world.
The title of the album kind of represents what Kendrick is trying to do in more ways than one, and with to Pimp a Butterfly, he sure is making himself known in the hip hop world as an up and coming rapper with talent and enough food for thought to make people listen to him even outside the genre.
Lamar's fans might be a bit over powered by the album as it's a bit different from anything he's ever done, but in this case, this is a great thing. He is sure to draw in many new fans and will hopefully get a Grammy win for one of the best hip hop records to come out in a long time.

Grade: A+

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