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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Halestorm is still on top with new album, A-

What: Album Review
Who: Halestorm
When: April 2015
Why: the group's 3rd studio album
Above: Halestorm's first single off the new album

Finally we've got a new album from Lizzy Hale & company, regarded as one of the top forces of hard rock in today's music world. Into the Wild Life shows a different side of Halestorm, but at the same time, proves to their fans and the world they are a still a top notch  metal band.
Into the Wild gives us some power house tunes that highlight's Lizzy's vocals as well as good guitar work. Almost any number of the songs on the album could become huge radio hits, which is always a good thing. While some of the tunes show a more tamer side of Halestorm, like 'Dear Daughter', Lizzy's voice is more awesome than ever before. Other songs like 'Gonna Get Mine' and 'I Like It Heavy' are classic metal riffs and signatures giving fans a taste of Halestorm they know and love.
Their song 'Apocalyptic' is a great introduction song to the album giving everyone a taste of what the new music sounds like, heavy and hard and for the most part, classic Halestorm.
What's surprising about the new album is the various religious references and lyrics, not frequently heard in Halestorm's previous works. At least not as dominant as the religious sides are to this new album. Some fans maybe a bit turned off by this, but it's a new side of the band that can be adapted to easily.
Other than that minor defect, Into the Wild life is a great hard rock and metal effort by an extremely talented band that has a great and promising future in front of them.


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