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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

iZombie is fresh, funny and addictive, A

What: TV Review
Who: I zombie
When: April 2015
Where: Hulu Plus
Why: As Part of Wildfire Reviews what to watch on Demand Series.

In a world where zombies dominate the television and film market, it's hard to imagine someone coming up with any original zombie series, especially a comedy one. Yet, iZombie is perhaps one of the most original zombie material that has come out since Shaun of the Dead.
Funny, insanely different, and all things zombie, iZombie maybe the new face of zombies in today's saturated genre. There are several things about the show that are hard not to love, even if your not a Z lover.
Many of the scenes of the show begin with comic book style wording like the first Hulk movie that make it both appealing and fun. The writing of the show is top notch, and the best thing about iZombie is that it delivers a zombie that is perhaps more human than most humans are in the real world. Zombie Liv is fun, quirky, and clever, making her screen time on the show worthwhile to watch in any case.
Although it may fall into another cop detective show, izombie is different because it pays close attention and respect to the genre in which it belongs.


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