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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

When it's scary, It Follows is terryfing, A-

What: Movie Review
Who: It Follows
When: April 2015
Why: to settle all the buzz

Last year, Jennifer Kent's the Babadook shook up the horror genre with a wonderfully acted and thoughtful film. Now, newcomer director David Robert Mitchell's It Follows is doing the same thing, yet the two movies are more different from each other than apples and oranges.
While It Follows isn't a perfect horror movie, and there are some flaws to it, when it's scary, it's terrifying. When it's good and suspenseful, you will no doubt be at the edge of your seat.
One of the best things about the film is the soundtrack, and how excellent the music blends in with each scene to the film. Each scene is extremely well done, original and well thought out, (the movie actually was filmed and takes place in Detroit), creating a powerful and creepy feel to It Follows that you have to watch in order to understand.
It Follows is filmed unusually different as well, especially for a horror flick, and the intense wide angles can work as both an advantage and disadvantage.
Another wonderfully and beautiful thing about It Follows is that you feel like your right with Jay throughout her entire ordeal, you almost can actually feel her panic and terror each times she sees the thing following her.
Like every film, It Follows has it's flaws. It's almost too long for it's own good, and at some moments of the film are more drawn out then what they should be. But with David Robert Mitchell's first film, the advantages outshine these minor drawbacks and then some.
Above all else, It Follows isn't your typical slasher horror flick with lots of blood or gore. In fact, there is hardly no gore in the movie at all. It's everything else about It Follows that makes it truly terrifying and a great horror movie that horror fans will love for its originally and its own creepyness not found in many other films sharing the same genre.

 Overall Grade:

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