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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Laura Marling's new album is a great folk record, A-

Who: Laura Marling
What: Album Review
When: April 2015
Why: the artist's fifth studio release album
newest single:

Like her previous released album Once I was an Eagle, Laura Marling's new album has a story to tell. It's a beautifully crafted indie folk record from a British musician who keeps on getting better and better with each record she produces.
While Short Movie isn't as near perfection of a musical piece as Once I was an Eagle was, it's almost as good and stands alone as a masterpiece in today's folk world. It's a strong piece of music as a whole and maybe the best female constructed and produced album of 2015 so far.
It's nice to see Laura Marling steering away from the break up and romance that Once I was an Eagle was, however the result is a deeper and more darker set of tunes and lyrics, which fits her as well. Like most of her work, Laura Marling presses strong emotion into everyone of her songs and while she remains calm throughout Short Movie, any listener can tell that a lot of thought and effort was put into these.
Laura's almost haunting voice goes along extremely well with the type of music she plays, and it's stronger than ever before on Short Movie. She's an extremely gifted folk singer that despite this being her fifth album, show's nothing but a promising future in front of her.

Overall Grade: A-

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