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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Like spring, My Morning Jacket's new album is a breathe of fresh air, A-

What: Album Review
Who: My Morning Jacket
When: May 2015
Why: The Band's 7th studio release album
Above: My Morning Jacket's newest single

Louisville indie rock heroes My Morning Jacket return with an anticipated new album 'The Waterfall'. Like spring itself, The Waterfall is nothing short of a breathe of clean, fresh air. It sounds fresh, pleashing and full of energy, something that MMJ have come to finalalyze as a band over the years. Die hard fans will be greatly pleased by the album, and the group may earn some new ones as well this year.
The Waterfall is a great listen to from front to back. It's a perfect spring album to listen to and doesn't disapoint. While it's not perfect by any means, and there is no truly great song on the record, or as epic as 'Hanging onto Death Metal', there are some high quality stand out tunes like 'In It's Infancy' (The Waterfall) and Spring (Among the Living) that are great listens.
The band is stronger than ever on the Waterfall. The guitars sound awesome and mix well with lead singer Jim James. It's a good album overall because My Morning Jacket keep to their unique sounds while introducing some new stuff as well, even going a little bit country on some of the tunes.
Another thing great and mysterious about the album is that it's filled with metaphors and complex lyrics, something that many musical artists fail to do in today's world. It's an album that can either get you down or make you a hundred times better, and that's what every My Morning Jacket album should do.
It's worth listening to by any fan of the band, and it maybe spring's best record release this year.


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