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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ultron isn't as good as first film, but still fun times, B+

What: Movie Review
Who: Avengers: Age of Ultron
When: May 2015
Where: Oswego, NY
Why: The second film in the Avengers series

Our favorite super heroes are back, and this time their battling a non alien foe called Ultron. The second movie in the trilogy directed by fan boy Joss Whedon, Avengers Age of Ultron isn't as good as the first film, and their are plenty things wrong with it, but fortunately enough, it's still a great hollywood block buster film.
Avengers Age of Ultron won't please all the die hard fans, but for the most part, it's highlighy entertaining with phenominal special effects and visuals. The battle scenes are better than ever, and the characters look amazing suited up more so than ever before. Ultron proves to be a worthy villain as well, voiced perfectly by James Spador.
While the film isn't over bearingly long, (It's around 2 hours and 20 minutes), there are some major misses and setbacks by Whedon. Some of the plotline is sticky at its best points, and sometimes it doesn't make sense at all. Even Hawkeye himself says at one point to Scarlett Witch, 'Nothing really makes sense here,' and that about somes up most of the plot unfortunately.
There are alot of scenes that could have been done alot better as well, or deleted enterily to make for a much better film.
Unfortunately, Ultron won't be gaining much new fans to the series, and although there's new characters and plot twists, for the most part the characters all stay the same. The biggest problem Ultron has is that it was too big for everything it's meant to be, too many characters and too many battles make it somewhat less interesting than the first film.
That all being said, Ultron is still worth seeing for most die hard Avengers and Marvel fans. There's a great Iron Man vs Hulk battle, and what Whedon misses out on the plot, he makes up for on the battle and action scenes which are done fantastically well, especially in the final moments.
Ultron feels like the middle film of the series that is, but overall It could have been done a lot worse, and hey, we all love our favorite super heroes all grouped together that just screams summer fun.

A- or B+

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