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Monday, July 27, 2015

Breaking Benjamin return with a classic new album, A-

While Dark Before Dawn really isn't anything new, it's fine music work from a hard rock group that have earned their comercial and critical success for all the hard work and touring they've done since they've formed a dozen years or so ago.

Now on their fifth studio album, Breaking Benjamin have been around the rock world for a a while now. Love them or hate them, the band has enjoyed great comerical and critical success for nearly everything they've done, and rightfully so. At this phrase in a band's life time, most hard rock groups venture off into new sounds and experiments. But not Breaking Benjamin. It's good to hear a modern rock band stay true to their original sound throughout the new album. Although Dark Before Dawn doesn't offer anything spectacularly new, the guitar riffs are powerful as ever as well as Burnley's voice.
Still with all their original members, Breaking Benjamin have yet again come out with a record that's fairly decent and true to their sound from back to finish. Fans will be delighted and really, that's all your looking for in the modern rock world these days.

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