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Friday, July 3, 2015

It's a fish kind of world: Samantha offers this year's best album, A+

Above: Samantha Fish Band performs Wild Heart off their new record of the same name.

Intriguing, inspiring and a near perfect blues album, Wild Heart is by far 2015's best record of the year so far. Missouri native blues woman Samantha Fish's voice has only gotten better since her previous release and has truly found her muse.

It's good to grow up with an artist, so to speak, and see them get better and better year by year. In Samantha Fish's case, it's month by month. Like her heart stopping shows, Wild Heart is a powerfully mixed blues album that's off the wall in many cases. It screams talent, and for someone's third release studio album, it shows progression on the highest levels.
Just a few years ago, not many people heard the name Samantha Fish. Even nowadays, she's not a global star yet-but she will be. Her current tour this year has sold out many venues across the nation, proving that there is indeed many people keeping an eye out for this extremely talented and young artist. Samantha is the modern and new queen of the blues, and Wild Hearts deserves that title.
Each song on the album is a a near masterpiece in itself. None of them sound the same or repetitive, and Samantha has released a record where it's a joy to listen to from start to finish. You won't ever get bored to it, and by the time your done with it, you'll want to listen to it again, even if your not a true blues die hard.
The new album is a bit different for Fish. It's more rock and a much more harder element than her previous records, despite having some slower tunes on it. It's awesome to listen to her and her two boys to truly rock out and play to their max. The song 'Turn it up' is a great example of this and over all a great tune to crank and listen to Samantha's powerful voice tuned in with the guitar and drums.
Samantha's voice has seemed to magnify on Wild Heart with every song. Before, her voice was often a bit scratchy on her last records, which may just be her overall doing. But this time, it's as if she's truly found out her key and how to sync with everything because she sounds absolutely beautifully, which is hard for someone that can also play the blues guitar as fierce as her.
Samantha Fish fans will love the new record, and she'll gain many more. Wild Heart shows an upcoming blues musician that truly cares about what she does, her music and her band.

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