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Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Tragically Hip perform at CMAC on the 4th of July, B+

This past Saturday night, Canadian rockers The Tragically Hip performed at CMAC to an energetic crowd as they jammed through a two hour specific set list.

It was the 4th of July, and as the day turned into night at CMAC The Tragically Hip graced the stage at around 8 PM. After a few songs, it was clear the group didn't need an opening band because they rocked out to a crowd that instantly stood up for them as they came on. Surprisingly a nice turn out happened for The HIP, with at least half of the seats under the pavilion filled and at least a hundred people were sitting back and enjoying the lawn. For this show, the lawn was perhaps the best place to be because Fireworks were being blown off all around the city of Canandaigua that night behind the venue.
Having never seen The Hip before, it was good to be introduced to them by a specific set list belonging to the tour they're currently doing. They performed Fully and Completely in its entirety, and it's always a wonderful thing to hear bands perform albums live from front to back. The lead singer was into it a bit much as he danced around and bopped up and down across the stage, but he had energy and spirit that lifted the crowd to their feet.
The crowd was by far an energetic one, with many people dancing and jumping up and down up front as The Hip played their favorite crowds. Many of the people in the crowd that night had seen the Tragically Hip before. One fan explained to us that this was her 40th Hip show as we were lounging casually on the lawn.
Last night proved that The Tragically Hip still can draw a big following, even on America's birthday. The only few disappointments of the night were that they never addressed the fact it was the 4th of July, which is fair enough since their from Canada, but they at least could have commented on the issue. Hearing their song 'Fireworks' would have been a nice addition to the set list as well.
Despite these minor set backs, and the lead singer being a bit much into it, the band and crowd last Saturday night at CMAC were overall great and it was worth going to.

All Photo Credit: Justin Gorelick & Wildfire Reviews

Setlist for the Tragically Hip 4th of July @ CMAC
Fully Clompletely Tour
1) Grace, Too
2) My Music @ Work
3) In View
4) Ahead by a Century
5) New Orleans is Sinking
Fully Completely
6) Courage
7) Looking for a a Place to Happen
8) At the Hundredth Medidian
9) Pigeon Camera
10) Lionized
11) Locked in the Trunk of a...
12) We'll go too
13) Fully COmpletely
14) Fifty-Mission Cap
15_ Wheat Kings
16) The Wherewithal
17) Elderado
18) At Transformation
19) Poets
20) Bobcaygeon
21) Natural Disaster
22) Blow at High Dough

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