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Thursday, July 23, 2015

What to watch on Demand: Vikings S2, A

While it can be slow at times, at other times Vikings can be just the opposite in its second season. Full of new character development, beautiful direction and jaw dropping scenery, Vikings maybe the replacement to Game of Thornes that everybody needs.

Everything about History channel's Vikings is perfect, making it one of the best shows on telivision right now and dare we say something that can be just as great to watch as Game of Thrones? The best things about Vikings is the characters, and they all exceept sharpingly well within the first episodes of season 2.
This is of course helped by Viking's awesome cast that shows some really promising acting from everyone involved in the second season. However the acting highlights of this new season are by far lead by Katheryn Winnick who plays Lagertha and Clive Standen, Ragnor's brother.
Great storytelling, writing and especially cinamotgraphy make Vikings both compelling to watch and beautiful in its second season.
The second season of Vikings only improves on the first. It's well worth watching and pure entertainment, something that the history channel can be proud of.

Where can you watch it on demand:
Amazon Prime Instant video

What's next:
Although it's a completely differant show, fans of vikings might want to start digging into Defiance due to the characters being on the same great levels.

What's it like?
Vikings really isn't like anything on T.V. right now, you've got to see it to understand. It's part north mythology mixed in with Game of thrones type drama.

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