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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dr. Dre's new album is a return to form, A

It's hard to believe that Compton is only Dr. Dre's third studio release album. However with Compton, Dre surprises us all with a phenominal rap record that makes reminds rap fans how much they enjoyed him when he first came out a dozen or so years ago.

What's so amazing about Compton is that the album isn't only a collection of rap songs, but it's a chronicle about where Dre is from himself-Compton. It highlights the city in more ways than one-both negatively and positively.  The amount of respect that Dre and all his special guests on the album show Compton is absolutely amazing and what makes this album special.
Musically, Compton is Dre on full throttle. He's back in the rap game, and although most of the lyrics and singing on Compton is from special guests, Dre's effort in putting this whole thing together is great in itself. The times he does represent himself in the album, Dre doesn't sound washed out, but hungry and crueling for more.
It's a great record that will have rap fans going back to old school, because let's not forget, we can't forget about Dre.

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