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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Although a bit cheesy sometimes, the Strain offers scares & gores, B+

What to Watch on Demand: The Strain, S1

Despite the first episode being a bit cheesy, The Strain picks up it's beat quickly in Season One. With interesting character development in all of its characters, Gullermo del Toro's the Strain stays truthful to its original source material and will please most horror fans. However, it may be too graphic, weird & violent for everyone else.

There's many familiar themes & scenes in the Strain, however the show really shines through all of its setbacks with its gore and chilling set pieces. Obviously the Strain represents modern horror in all of its best. A dark gothic & dreary tone that fits the series well. Sometimes, the Strain can be a bit funny and cheasy at times, which may not fit in at first but after a few scratches to the head it makes sense.
The best thing about the Strain is that Del Torro really knows how to scare people, and he's at his absolute best in this show that's based off the novels he created.
While some of the acting is only sub par in this series (I mean c'mon, it's B horror what more can you expect?), Corey Stoll (House of Cards) does an interesting job as the lead roll.
Overall, the Strain maybe too graphically violent and weird for most T.V. goers, but for horror fans, it's a must see. Hopefully it can keep its pace up in Season Two, which is hot on air right now.

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