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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Get the Led Out Rock out Saranac Brewery A

Above: Lead singer Paul Sinclairs performs at Saranac Brewery on Friday, August 14th, 2015
On Friday, August 14th, American rock band Get the Led Out powered through a powerful  Led Zeppelin set at Saranac Brewery. They were by far the best cover band to travel through Upstate New York this summer, and one of the best shows at Saranac this year.
Everyone of the band members of Get the Led Out was on fire last night at Saranac Brewery in Utica, NY. It was awesome hearing them keep saying to one other 'And he's in my band'. For a tribute band, Get the Led Out proved that there above all the others when they jammed out to a pack show at the Brewery.
"What better to spend a summer night then with Led Zeppelin and beer?" Proclaimed lead singer Paul Sinclair. It was the group's first time in Utica, NY and it was clear they wanted to make a first impression. And they certainly did.
One of the best thing about the Utica, NY concert was the set list. They covered a vast and awesome arrange of Led Zeppelin songs, and on each song they played it so perfectly it was almost like being at a Zep concert itself. And that's what tribute bands are suppose to do. Get the Led Out aren't only a tribute band but professional rock musicians.
"We aren't trying to impersonate Led Zeppelin". Paul Sinclair continued, "We are all fans just like every one of you."
Another great thing about the concert wasn't the actual band itself but the fans. They were all extremely talkative and friendly, always willing to strike up a conversation to the person next to them and that's what makes concerts fun. Many of the fans there have seen Get the Led Out more than four times which is impressive to say the least.
There was just one slightly bad thing about the concert last night that didn't made it completely perfect and that was it was extremely loud-much louder than most shows. Obviously it goes with the territory here, but man, there was sure to have some deaf ear drums after that event for a few hours.
For Led Zeppelin fans, Get the Led Out is a must see touring act and worth every penny who play excellent versions of songs everyone loves.
Setlist for Ged the Led Out @ Saranac Brewery:
Immigrant Song
Southbound Saurez
The Lemon Song
Bring it on Home
Your Time is Goinna Come
Babe I'm goina Leave you 
Ramble On
Dazed & Confused
Going to California
The Battle of Evermore
Hey Hey What Can i do
In the Evneing
Moby Dick
Fool in the Rain
Ten Years Gone
What is and What
Misty Mountain Hop
Stairway to Heaven
Whole Lotta Love
All Photo Credit Leo Pareti

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