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Saturday, August 1, 2015

While not worth it in IMAX, Rogue Nation is still a great summer blockbuster. A-

Everything seems to be cooler in IMAX these days. Even though the bigger screen offered perfect picture quality and sound, the new Mission Impossible film might be better enjoyed (and for a much cheaper price) at your local city movie theater. While it's not the best movie in the series, It's a great action flick reminding us how much Tom Cruise rocks as Ethan Hunt.

Rogue Nation isn't Ghost Protocal, but the film stands alone by itself as a great adddition to the Mission Impossible series. Many people may ask, five movies, can't they give it a rest? In Cruise's defense, each movie they come out with nowadays in the series is superb and entertaining as hell. What more can you ask for in a summer block buster? And come on, the man does his own stunts.

Even though Cruise's performance of Hunt is near perfect in this film, he's got an A list of actors working along side with him that helped make this film great. Cruise's connection with Simon Pegg is especially great to watch on screen and he's a good welcome back to the franchise alongside Jeremy Renner, and of course old favorite Ving Rhames who plays Luther is back in it.

The best thing of course about Rogue Nation is the action and the stunts.  However, what seperates RN from the rest of the Mission Impossible films is the humor it adds and that seems to be well balanced with the motorcycle chases and hanging onto airplanes stunts by Cruise.

Overall, RN is a fine summer block buster films and fans and non fans of the Mission Impossible will be entertained as hell form the first scene to the very last. And that what matters most in any action film.

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