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Monday, August 3, 2015

Grace Potter creates heat lightning last night @ CMAC

Despite CMAC being around half full, this didn't stop Grace Potter from rocking out all night to the fans that went. Although the set list was an average one for Grace Potter, she proved that her new band can back her up as their powerful guitars and melodies swayed over the crowd last night.
Of course, Grace Potter was by far the highlight of last night. Her voice was better than ever as she ripped out fan favorites like 'Apologies', 'Ah Mary', and 'Medicine.'
That lady can sure dance, jam out and sing.
This was the second time the up and coming diva performed at CMAC, finally having her own headlining slot after opening up to the Avett Brothers a few years back. The title of this review refers to a few bursts of heat lighting that occurred after the concert ended last night.
It was interesting to see what her new band was like, and although fans might have been skeptical at first without the Nocturnals there, they proved their worth. Her band now consists of several more members than the Nocturnals giving the performance a full and desirable effect that matches Grace's powerful voice.
No one deserves headlining status more so than Grace Potter. Her band and herself have performed nearly everywhere in Upstate NY from the Westcott Theater to Saranac Brewery to the Chevy Court at the State Fair. Now she graced the stage, letting the audience know they were in for one hell of a rock show.
Grace Potter is one of those musical acts that's trying to keep Rock n Roll alive in this new indie world, and that's always a beautiful thing.
However as more and more bands reach comercial success, their concerts seem to change.
Her performance tonight wasn't perfect, nore was the set list. She included a handful of new songs from her upcoming new album 'Midnight' which is being released in two weeks. It would have been nice to hear some rare tunes in her set that she normally doesn't include live, or even some more covers like that amazing 'White Rabbit'.
What was the biggest dissapointment of the night was that this tour-Grace Potter's biggest one yet, seemed to unfortunately tone town the rock star. Instead of jamming out for two hours plus, it was an hour and 30 minutes (including an encoure). There wasn't anything exceptional other than of course some fantastic guitar solos by Grace herself. Even the band's great drum off towards the end didn't match those that happened several years ago with the Nocturnals.
Despite these set backs, it was still a great show.
Mick must have warn off on her from earlier in the summer when Grace opened up for the Rolling Stones and had a chance to sing with him. She performed a great version of 'Gimmie Shelter'.
Although Grace didn't rock out for more than two hours like many of her previous tours, and the some what average setlist included a handful of new tracks, she rocked out nonetheless. It was a concert worth going to, especially for fans who have never seen her before.

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