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Monday, September 21, 2015

Bring Me the Horizon offer this year's best album, A+

Above: The new video for a new single off of 'That's the Spirit'
Surprisingly  South Yorkshire hardcore metal group Bring Me the Horizon offer this year's best album so far, and one of the best metal albums of the past decade.

If you listen to Bring Me the Horizon's earlier material and then That's the Spirit, it's such a powerful change that any fan will be surprised. However, it's a great surprise that will leave you wanting more and to listen to the album again and again.
With Muse like rising status, Bring Me the Horizon sure has come across the pond and expanded their brand of alternative and heavy metal over the past several years. The band just just released the best record they've ever done and according to the billboard charts and youtube hits, is no doubt sending them the status they deserve.
Don't mistake about this up and coming group-Bring Me the Horizon have been around for a while. That's the Spirit is the groups' fifth studio release, however it's just now that the band is finally getting some national attention on rock radios across the nation.
With this new album, Bring Me the Horizon has changed its format of music. Before, there screamo industrial metal was something that only hard core fans could reallyenjoy, but now, they've released a record that both their older fans and modern rock fans will love. It's still got it's screaming moments, but the record is more hard rock than ever with great guitar melodies.
The best thing about the album is by far how good the band sounds as a whole and how much lead vocalits Lovier Sykes really has improved over their last record release.
That's the Spirit has great lyrics on almost every track as well which is something that is missing from alot of new rock releases these days.
It's hard to describe which song ont he album is good because each of it's eleven tunes are all great and deserved to be listened to more than once.
It's an album that rock bands around the world should look up, and it sure as hell proves that modern rock isn't dead yet.

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