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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ryan Adams 1989 is a musical masterpiece, A+

Above Bad Blood cover by Ryan Adams from his album, 1989.
Lyric by Lyric and song by song, Ryan Adams has put out a cover album of Taylor Swift's 1989 that's enchanting, chilling and awe  striking.

Last year, Taylor Swift shook the industry by releasing 1989, one of the most influencial pop albums of all time. Now, the album is still on fire, with many artists covering songs from the album. Ryan Adams seems to step up to the plate even more by covering the album song by song lyric by lyric in is enterity. The result is a complete musical masterpiece that strips away the radio friendly versions of these songs while adding a new sensational touch to them.
The best thing about 1989 is that somehow it brings out the best of both Ryan Adams and Taylor Swift. These are two very differant artists, both musically and personality. However, this cover album brings them together like peas and carrots.
1989 is remagined through the eyes of Ryan Adams, resulting in such surprising results that fans of both artists will be delighted at the outcome.
The result is more classical, country and rock focus on this year's biggest pop album.
It really focuses on the lyrics and meanings of each of Swift's songs, and everyone of them is done exceptionally well and insanely differant by Adams.
It's a cover album that's not really a cover album but a connection between two great and wonderful musicians.

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