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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

From Dusk Till Dawn S1 is both good and bad, B-

Unlike many modern new T.V. show adaptions, From Dusk Till Dawn decided to remake the original film and expand on the main characters. While this sounds like a good idea, the show is both good and bad with highly uneven parts that may make have horror fans wanting more interesting material.

Let's face it, anyone that has ever seen the original 1996 film From Dusk till Dawn knowns it's a classic and the recipe for a perfect cult following. And, it probably has one of the best table dance moments if not the best on all entertainment history with Salma Hayek as vampire queen Santanico.
Here's what's good about the series.
It expands on the characters while adding some new ones. It especially focuses on Richard Gecko's character development, previous played by Quentin Tarantino. The Gecko brothers were great interesting chracters for any action horror flick.  They are one of the highlights of the new series, despite new actors playing the rolls.
The show has some great bloody gory moments that mimick the original film, along with plenty of mythology and guessing that's a big plus.
However, the script is uneven to say the least. Even though the Gecko brothers are great characters, it almost would have been better if the show would have went down Fargo's route-completely introducing all new characters and storyline to the same world the film was sit in.
The first episode was honestly just a forty minute expansion of the first ten minutes of the movie, so you can guess how the show is going from here on out. It's a play by play stepping stone from film to telivision, with no real great surprises that make it a stand out show, or even one that improves on the original.
But fans of the original movie will probably like the new series, and it may be worth watching for the die hards. For anyone else, it might be a skipper.
Where can you watch it?

The Entire first season is on Netflix.
Season two starts in Octobor.

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