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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Like the film of the same name, Fargo is a complete masterpiece, A+

A top grade cast that truly shows their potential. Unique setting and scenes that fit so well with the tone of the series that it's almost eerie. Fargo doesn't just expand the truly interesting world it's based in, it makes it better. It's the best show on telivison to watch right now despite its sometimes gory and brutal doings.
Adaptations, both on the big screen and small screen can be huge hit and misses. Unfortunately, Fargo the series is a beast unlike any other. It's set the bar incredibly high for anything like it in the future, and the Coen Brothers should be proud something like this has spawned off one of their most brilliant creations.
At first, Fargo seemed a bit of a 'so what' glance when you first heard about it-new characters and storylines set in a world of a great film. Shouldn't the show focus on the characters that lived through the movie, maybe even bringing in one or two of the original cast?
In this show's case, the answer is a heavy no. First of all, the new characters in the series are so compelling and interesting that they are almost better than those in the film, even though there can be some similiarities. And that's always a good thing to not stray too far from the original material.
With Fargo being a ten episode show, the creators have time to truly expand on these interesting characters, with each one of them having their own highlights.
However, Character development is only one thing great about the show.
The acting is simply superb-you can't find any better acting on telivision right now. Of course, that's helped by an insanely talented cast in roles that fit them so well it's a no brainer. Billy Bob Thornton is of course brilliant as the drifter, and Martin Freeman is extrmely great at a role that's unusual for the actor. Colin Hanks and Allison Tolman also show proming acting skills with the rolls in this show, rounding out a great cast.
What might work best in the new show isn't the erie scenes, or how beautifully connected it is with the original but at the same time being differant, or even the acting and character. It's the background music and soundtrack that makes the show perfect.
Another thing that helps the show is Fargo isn't just a crime drama. It's got dark humor, helped by Billy Bob Thorton's character and suspense and mystery that makes it unique.
The show really only has a few setbacks. It's a bit slow paced for the usual T.V. watcher these days that's expecting gasps at the end of each episode, but that's what the movie was like too.
It's also very violent at times and the entire show is a bit creepy, but again, it only reflects the original.
Another great thing about Fargo is that you have no idea where the story might be heading, and that in itself makes for a great T.V. show.
Fans of the original will be in awe and greatly appreciate this new look on the masterpiece film that helped make the Coen Brothers who they are today.
Streaming: You can now watch every episode of Fargo on demand from your local cable network or through Hulu Plus. 

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