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Monday, October 19, 2015

Don't piss Jamey Johnson off, country singer kicks out fan at T Stone, B-

Above: Jamey Johnson & Band perform at Turning Stone Casino on Sunday, October 18th, 2015. Photo by Rachel F. Van Slyke
Despite it being a sold out show and a very rambunctious crowd, proclaimed Jamey Johnson wasn't unfortunately as good as was expected. Musically he was great as usual, but a combination of things about the event Sunday night at the Turning Stone just didn't ad up.
It's not every day proclaimed down-to-earth country singer Jamey Johnson comes to town. With tickets almost selling out even right when they went on sale, Upstate New York's true country crowd seemed to be excited as ever to see Alabama singer and song writer Jamey Johnson. At first, the showroom didn't feel right to be hosting a 'real' country concert, however as the night wore on, it connected with Jamey and his band's style.
The problems with the show however, were elsewhere which even included random crowd interactions. During the concert, Jamey believed he was being told off by someone up front in the crowd. Angrily he shouted back at the concert attendee, 'Hey, if your going to insult me at my own concert, get the fuck out and shut the fuck up!' Which is indeed what happened. Whether or not the attendee was telling Jamey off or it was just a mistake remains a mystery, but unfortunately, it wasn't the only bad thing that happened that night.
Despite this happening, Jamey always responded to other fans shouting 'I love yous', with an 'I love you' of his own, with his deep voice flowing over the audience.
It's a no brainer Jamey's voice is absolutely perfect for the type of country music he sings. It mixes together like eggs & bacon. His voice was better than ever Sunday night and was the reason the concert wasn't bad, yet the other things that happened throughout the show didn't make it completely good either. His band behind him were great as well with great musicianship all around, especially the lead guitarists.
Some of the other things that didn't make the concert a great one included the time limit and dramatic early showtime. This was a bit of a let down as well with the show only being over a little more than an hour or so after it began with no encore. For being the only act that night, Jamey Johnson should have played much longer. However, time limits didn't allow the band to really jam out like they usually do. Many Jamey Johnson fans that have seen him and his band play before know he can play much longer.
While opening up with 'High Cost of Living', Jamey's set list could have been spiced up a bit as well, especially with more older material. That being said, Jamey's cover of 'This Land Is My Land' is always a highlight of his live events. Sunday night was no exception.
There were some up and downs for the concert this past Sunday night at the Turning Stone. However, every concert can't be a perfect one, and casinos are always bringing in acts that can be enjoyed by everyone. It was extremely unique to see Jamey Johnson at the Turning Stone, and hopefully the Alabama singer will return to Upstate NY and play a much full concert next time.
All Photo Credit to Rachel F. Van Slyke.
Below: Jamey Johnson & His Band & Turning Stone Casino, Sunday, October 18th, 2015

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