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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Izombie remains fresh, new, thoughtfull & funny for S2, A+

With great performances especially by Rose McIver, Izombie returns with a second season that's everything a modern telivision show should be. While it might not be your typical zombie show; it's far off topic from The Walking Dead, Izombie remains one of the best shows on telivision right now.

Izombie is back and zombie Liv is stronger then ever. In the season premiere, were back to Izombie's old ways with Liv constantly showing down on human brains in order to survive. However, the new season introduces new elements and new character developments that will raise eyebrows and keep fans interests at high peaks. At the same time, that lovable darkness returns and is ever so present in season two.
The CW show manages to change between comedy, drama action and everything else with ease. It's satires are great, especially the many lines towards Z culture and how modern day society is run these days.
The show is beautifully directed and has excellent narrative as well, something that other detective shows should look up to.
Even though Izombie really is just another detective show, season two reminds us that it's new and unlike anything else on telivision right now.
And yes, sexy zombies can exist after all.

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