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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lana Del Rey's Honeymoon is full of ambition & influence, but not her best album, B+

Above: the new single off Honeymoon
Despite Lana Del Rey giving tremendous effort into her new album Honeymoon, the indie pop star's work is overshadowed by her earlier albums. Still, Honeymoon is both insanely ambitious & influential with a wide variety of vocals and weird chilling music that seperates Lana from many up and coming rising stars these days.

Lana Del Rey fans won't be dissapointed with her new album. There's just something missing to it that doesn't equal the rest of her work. It might be because the album is unusually different from the rest of her releases, and with Lana, that can be both a good and bad thing.
Anyone who's ever listened to any of Lana Del Rey's work knows she's a one of a kind musician and her style is unlike anything else out right now. This is even more dominant on Honeymoon, and her vocals are stronger than ever on this record and nearly every track.
However, the lyrics have greatly changed on this record.
While there's still a wide variety of epic weirdness, on this album her influences shine more so than ever. With instense nods to Hotel California, David Bowie, and everything 80s, lyrically Honeymoon is like something carved out of that era and giving it a modern twist.
It isn't perfect by any means, but Honeymoon is still a decent album that will please most fans of the unusual rising indie star known as Lana Del Rey.

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