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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Otherwise rock the Lost Horizon on a Monday night, A-

Above: Lead singer Adrien Patrick giving the fans at the Lost Horizon a Rock N Roll Face.
Despite it being a school night, as nearly every band reminded us last night at the Lost Horizon, Otherwise put on a fantastic energetic show that entertained everyone who braved the weeknight and adventured out.
Last night, local rock radio station 95x wrapped up its slew of concerts this month (last week they brought in both Sevendust & Nothing More to the area) with bringing in Las Vegas up and comers Otherwise. Compared to the Nothing More concert there just last week, the Lost Horizon was a shell in itself. However, at least a hundred people came out to enjoy the show, and they were treated by an amazing performance by headliners Otherwise.
Otherwise performed great as a whole band, rocking with the crowd to fan favorites like 'Soldiers' and 'I Don't Apologize'. Although it was a relatively short set (with it being a school night and all), the band still entertained on top levels for the fans infront of them.
They were extremely passionate to their fans, thanking them every chance lead singer Adrien Patrick could get.
It was awesome to see a group so emotional towards their fans, especially when Adrien began addressing people by their first names throughout the crowd and cheering them. He was very overwhelmed because family members were also in the attendance seeing the band for their first time.
Adrien sure can talk. He made a collection of worthy statements, including that the band would much rather perform to the fans there than an empty room, referring to the unfortunate lake of crowd in the Monday audience.
Hey, it was a monday night. Everyone there at the Lost Horizon knew what that meant and having to get up to work the next day. Yet those that did make it to the show were treated to one of the best 95x concerts this year, making it worth the money and time to attend.
All photo credit Rachel F. Vanslyke

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