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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Last Man on Earth returns with more funny & weird moments, B+

Despite huge changes in Season Two of Last Man Earth, the new season benefits from the chemistry between Phil and Carol. Funny and heartwarming but not as original as the first season, the season premiere could have been better but also could have been alot worse.

The Last Man on Earth isn't for everyone. However, for those that really appreciate the show it's really a jem. With being only twenty minutes long, the show makes you laugh and emotional during each episode.
The second season's premiere is no differant. The show really goes back to basics with returning to Phil and Carol, something that could both be negative and positive because the other characters of the first season helped make the show great.
However, the introduction to Phil's brother still being alive is a bonus and adds even more laughs.
Even though the second season is very differant from where the first one left off, it's a reminder of how good a telivision show can be just for twenty minutes of time. The show still has a promosing future showing everyone that even the apolcalypse can be pretty funny.

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