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Monday, October 12, 2015

It must be fall: Silversun Pickups come out with a short & sweet new album, B+

L.A. based indie pop rockers Silversun Pickups tend to release albums during the fall. This year is no exception, and while Better Nature may not be their best album, it's a strong new collection of indie pop songs that represent who the band are.

It's hard to believe that Silversun Pickups are well over a dozen years old now. It seemed only yesterday that there big breakway hit 'Lazy Eye' washed over rock radios across the nation. Now, the group has released their fourth studio album. Despite it being only ten songs (most of their albums are surprisingly short), the new album is strong with a theme that's been with the group since their beginnings.
The new songs may not be welcome to most listeners & fans of the band. However, those that do know and love Silversun Pickups now know they have found their unique sound and place in modern indie rock music over the past few years.
The nature theme is ever so present in this album, and that's a great thing. The band has been close to nature throughout their career, and it can be a great connection with their fans. They often play random ski resorts out west during the winter months and their concerts tend to be away from big city life when they go out on tour.
Each song on the new album Better Nature is catchy and poppy in its own way. From the bustling 'Nightlight' to the more heavy 'The Wild Kind', it's a collection of new songs that truly represent who the band Silversun Pickups are. No, there sound hasn't greatly changed over the course of their last few albums, but in their case that's actually a good thing.
It's awesome to see a band find and stick with a recurring theme in their music, and the Pickups do it extremely well. Let's not forget amazing bassist Nikki Monninger, (who actually might be carrying the band herself), who is better than ever on the new record as well.
Below: The new single off of Better Nature


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