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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Supergirl is a reminder of classic Superman, A

Even though it screams family and G ratings, CBS's Supergirl is a new show that is a reminder of how great everything Superman can be. Similiar to the old Superman shows and Christopher Reeves films, Supergirl is full of heart and something new to the S franchise-girl power.
Everyone knows the story of Superman-which is why Supergirl is bringing a a delightful twist to the tale. While Supergirl isn't new either, it's great to see her finally in her own T.V. show. Once upon a time, Laura Vandervoort was the highlight of Smallville as the flying caped female. Now, Melissa Benoist brings new light to the character.
Let's be honest. After watching the first episode, there's only one thing everyone can agree on it. Melissa Benoist does an encredible job as Kara Zor El, giving one of the best superhero performances since Robert Downey Jr. Her acting is top notch, and you can really see she truly cares about the role she's playing. Even within a short 45 minutes, she captures your motivation and at the end if it, maybe even a cheer. Melissa Benoist was born to play this role.
Supergirl isn't perfect, but that fact alone is what makes it so good. It can be very cheesy at times, but this is Supergirl were talking about-everyone's favorite cousin. It isn't meant to be another in-your face Superman film, and dare we say, it may even have more heart than Man of Steel?
Supergirl also is a reminder of what being human really is and what it means. It's a super hero show for everyone, and although that might set a few hardcore fans away, for everyone else, it's a splended time.
Supergirl is worth watching just for Melissa Benoist. She isn't the sexiest female in a super hero adaptation-in fact, she's very ordinary. But that's what makes it special and unique in her own way.

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