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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Grace Potter entertains Landmark despite Wed concert, B+

Above: Grace Potter performs Wednesday Night October 28th @ the Landmark Theater in Syracuse, NY. Photo Credit Rachel Van Slyke

Even though the beautiful & historic Landmark Theater was half filled this Wednesday night, Grace Potter jammed out to the folks that decided to go and have some fun on a weeknight. Although it was a very average set list for Grace, the female pop rocker was musically good as ever and even slightly better then she was earlier this summer.

For new fans of Grace Potter, going to one of her shows is for certain: you'll have a good time no matter what. However, for older fans, it's becoming more and more apparent that the diva is being effected by stardom and fame.

This can be both a good thing and bad thing for Grace. For die hard fans, Grace doesn't put a two hour plus show anymore, and the setlist unfortunately has stayed the same throughout her new tour unlike previous ones several years ago. What was most disappointing about her performance last night was that Grace didn't include any covers in her show. Anyone that's been to a show of hers know that she's done some of the best live covers in modern music history. Even earlier this summer she did an impressive version of 'Gimmie Shelter' by the Rolling Stones on a number of tour dates, including the last time she was here in Upstate.

However, last night she did perform for a good hour and 45 minutes, longer then she played at CMAC this summer. She did an electric version of 'Nothing but the Water Part 1' which was one of the highlights of the show.

One of the better new songs she does live is 'Delirious'-Grace really delivers an excellent live version when she plays this song. She also did a great job on 'Your Girl' and a number of other tunes off Midnight. Unfortunately, most of the setlist was new songs from the August released album. She did include a great version of 'Apologies' and 'Ah Mary'; older tunes that cannot be ignored at any Grace show.
Even though the setlist was lukewarm at best, the sound was perfect at the Landmark. The venue was a right fit for a Grace Potter show-and that's what made the concert work so well.

Even though it might seem Grace is being affected by fame and stardom, especially with the outfit she was wearing last night, she can sure put on a hell of a show that's worth going to for any new fans.
Photos by Rachel Van Slyke:

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