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Friday, November 20, 2015

25 isn't perfect, but still a great album, A-

Although 25 isn't perfect or as great as 21, it's still a powerful record from a pop singer who's voice is the key defining element of who she is. Adele's voice is better than ever in 25 and the dominant factor of the new record.

In the world of pop music, it's hard to be definining or breaking. Dozens of artists sound like one another, thankfully that isn't the case with Adele's 25. That's because the artist has stapled her voice into one piece of music that's her own. It's the key element of the new record, and her vocals don't skip a beat from the beginning to the end.
However, artists like Madonna and Katy Perry prove that just having a good voice doesn't make you who you are. It's also about the music.
That's the one thing that the record 25 is lacking. Yes, the piano is there but it is almost minscular compared to the vocals. They dominant everything on the record, but the one artist that can actually back that up is Adele.
And she does it wonderfully. She doesn't need a back up band or any other back up female singers, but it would be nice to hear something different throughout the album.
Another thing that makes this album different is there isn't any power houses like 'Rolling in the Deep' or 'Rumor Has it'. But that good be a good thing for Adele. Being top on the charts is what pop music is all about-but the new record 25 certainly isn't pop, except for some very few tunes like 'Hello'.
There's some up and downs to Adele's comeback record. Although it might not be the comeback she's hoping for, it's still a very powerful and successful record in terms of her voice. It's perfect throughout the record, and that's something very few vocalists can say they for themselves.

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