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Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Man in the High Castle is a fascinating new drama, A+

With characters that defy modern day telivision, the Man in the High Castle is set in a world that's so intriguing it's hard not to be sucked in. It's a rare telivision show that works in all directions, and is no doubt unlike anything you've ever seen on T.V. before.
There's something about The Man in the High Castle that makes it so interesting to watch you don't even realize the time going by. It's by far the most captivating thing out right now on telivision-and the best show of the new year. There's nothing bad about it and everything is done beautifully right making the Man in the High Castle a compelling new drama.
What sounds like a somewhat interesting promise of 'What if the Germans & Japenese won WWII' is brought to a whole new world in this show.
One reason that the Man in the High Castle is so excellent is the acting by everyone involved. These actors help make these characters so interesting. It would be hard to chose who the best actor is in this show because everyone does great performances; even the minor ones.
The set pieces and designs are beautifully put together as well, especially in the Japenese Imperial States.
The highlight of the Man in the High Castle is of course the narative and premise. It's directed exceptionally well, and you can tell Ridley Scott really took some time producing this new gem.
Even if you aren't a history buff, the Man in the High Castle is half science fiction and half history; making it extremely thought proviking. This isn't a show that is entertaining, it actually makes you think about multiple questions on human ethics and the topic it falls upon.

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