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Friday, November 13, 2015

Grimes new album Art Angels is fascinating, A

Above: Vancouver borne multi instrumentalist and singer Claire Elise Boucher
Grimes new album 'Art Angels' is one of the best of this year. It's new territory for the Canadian experimental electronic pop singer, and the result is a wonderful mix of pop songs that shine brightly and aren't like other material everybody else is coming out with these days.

Claire Elise Boucher, better known as Grimes, has always been unique. In Art Angels, this uniqueness is front and center. On her fourth studio album, she shows so much agression that if she's not bigger within a year then something maybe wrong with the music industry entirely. New and old fans alike will love everything about Art Angels.
It's one of those rare electronic albums where every song is good and has its own feel to it. It's an electronic record that doesn't feel like one. For those of you who dislike this type of music, this might be the album for you to sink your teeth in. The melodies are catchy and the beats more clever then ever. It's by far Grimes's best album, and certainly the most entertaiing one of her career.
The best thing about Art Angels is how bizarre it is from front to finish. Even the lyrics are thoughtfully bizarre, but that is just how Grimes is.
It's wonderful to see an artist like Grimes hatch and grow into something brilliant, and with this record she's done that and so much more.
Songs like 'California' and 'Artangels' represent the best of her work here, but every one of her songs on it are great.
It's success that's well deserved, and hopefully Grimes will catch lots of new fans with Art Angels.
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