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Monday, November 9, 2015

Spectre is a cute and an emotional Bond. It's fun but not the greatest. B-

Although it does wonders for James Bond's character and Daniel Craig, Spectre is unfortunately a bit messy. Uneven plots and a change of pace for Bond films, its still good & fun. Most fans will approve of it.
Everyone loves James Bond, and by now the movie kindom has appreciated Craig's work as the character. He is James Bond and with Spectre, it's his fourth time as the character. Craig delivers a wonderful performance, and his prescence is the highlight of the film. It's one of the better acting moments he's done over his history as Bond. Yet, even Craig's acting can't save Spectre from being messy.
It's as if the movie can't decide what it wants to be-funny, serious, a drama or even a spy flick. It weaves in and out of these genres constantly-so much in fact that by the end of it you might be discouraged as to what the whole thing is together.
What's disapointing about Spectre is that the beginning of the film; the first few chase scenes, make it out to be one of the best James Bond movies ever. You get thrown in right into the action, and the lovely ladies this time around are well above average.
They could have done a bit better job on the villain this time around and Spectre, but it wasn't a horrible go at it either. It could have been alot worse.
Spectre is both good and bad, but hey, all movies, and certainly James Bond films, can't all be as great as Skyfall. The new film is a good addition to the franchise in terms of Daniel Craig's involvement, but not much for anything else.

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