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Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Disco Biscuits pump Syracuse up for Night 1 @ F Shed, A-

The Disco Biscuits perform at the F Shed on Friday, October 30th, 2015
Photo Credit Matthew Balch, Creative Concerts
A guy in a king's outfit and dozens of cats roamed the F Shed this past Friday night. And it wasn't even Halloween yet. However, concert attendees of the Disco Biscuit's were not going to let that stop them from dressing up. The Disco Biscuits jammed out to the crowd infront of them for a near 3 hour plus performance, getting everyone ready for night #2 while pumping out the jams throughout the evening.

It was a memorable concert for the F Shed. It isn't every day the Disco Biscuits come to your town. That being said, most of the fans there had already seen the band several times and were just going to another Disco show, showing their love for the band. It also helps that the annual summer music festival Camp Disco is a mere few hours away here in Upstate New York. That's where mostly everyone of the fans had seen them before.
Despite the festival being close to home, there were some negative insights to Camp Disco at the F Shed.
'It's bigger then ever now, really over run and tons of drugs there,' mentioned several fans in the audience. It was nice to see the band perform in Upstate NY having two concert dates to themselves, and that's what everyone in the audience was excited about.
It's often said that the first night of two date runs for bands is always the 'let down'. This could be due to any number of reasons, including the band saving up all their energy for the second night, or just warming up to the city before them. The Disco Biscuits steered clear of that.
They were on top form on Friday night. Each member of the band was great, and it's awesome to see how well in sync they are with each other. Keyboardist Aron Magner really shined, showing everyone how hard it is to keep up the pace and perform to perfection with the others. For being a four piece band, it's amazing they can play the type of electronic jam band rock they do without any computers or digital software.
The Disco Biscuit's aren't a DJ or electronic group but an experimental band that can jam out like the best of them.
However, the highlight of Friday night's show, and perhaps any Disco Biscuits show-were the lights. Even being front row you can appreciate the hundreds of lasers shooting off stage back into the crowd. Their light show is on one of the best in the music industry, and even if you don't know most of their music, the show is worth going to see for this reason.
The F Shed proved to be a good place for the concert, however there were some slight sound issues that needed to be addressed. The microphones were exremely poor and you could barely hear the vocals even up front.
Other then that, the concert Friday night for Night one of the Disco Biscuit's concerts in Syracuse were a success. The band performed from 7:30PM until past 11PM. Even with a 25 minute intermission, they showed everyone how endlessly they can play.
The Disco Biscuits are worth seeing even if your not a fan of the electronic rock they are known for.
Photos coming soon!

Setlist Disco Biscuits @ The F Shed in Syracuse, NY Friday, October 30th, 2015
1) Digital Buddha
2) The Bridge
3) Oname Wa
4) Confrontation>
5) Mr. Don>
6) Confrontation
Set Break
7) Very Moon
8) I Man
9) Little Betty Boop
10) Tricycle
11) Run Like Hell

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