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Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Dead Weather return with force in Dodge and Burn, A-

Despite a random released album and no tour dates, The Dead Weather have issued a new album that's highly enjoyable to listen to from front to finish.

We all know Jack White. The man seems to be everywhere these days and starting feuds like nobody's  business. However, ego aside, mostly everyone can agree that the man is one of the most talented musicians in the music industry today. Now, the former White Stripes frontman has reunited with one of his other bands-The Dead Weather on their third album release, Dodge and Burn.
The Dead Weather is a reminder it's a supergroup with talent all around. On the new album, the Kill's Allison Mosshart really shines on almost every tune.
Her guitar and prescence dominates the record, proving she can be a great counter part to White (Even though he does the singing). The Dead Weather are a great group for slinging guitar duets, but on Dodge on Burn, this is even more promising then ever.
The guitar work is awesome from front to back, showing us how well White and Mosshart can work together.
Dodge and Burn is the best Dead Weather album since their first, and hopefully this means a comeback tour in 2016. In the mean time, sit back and enjoy the new tunes from White, Mosshart & Company on Dodge & Run.

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