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Friday, November 6, 2015

What to watch on Demand: Sleepy Hollow, S2, B+

Although it's a no brainer, Sleepy Hollow is better then ever in the premiere for Season 2. Your favorite characters are back, providing some great character development. It may not make you use your thinking cap, but Sleepy Hollow is still fun as ever and has tons of chills.

Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie are back as Ichabod Crain and Abigail Mills in the second season of Sleepy Hollow. Sleepy Hollow is one of those shows that has a lot of fright moments but is still but loads of fun to watch. The two leads are more promising then ever in season two, however who really shine in the season premiere are the side characters.
We get to see more of Katia Winter as Katrina Crane, which is always a delight to see in this show, and John Noble (Fringe) is better tehen ever as the Horseman of War.
The one thing bad about the new season of Sleepy Hollow is that it steers far off course from the original topic. There's no more ghosts and ghouls of the original story, and Ichabad is much more hero than creep.
However, in this season at least, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. One of the strong suits of the show is its fantastic writing, which it keeps up delightfully in season 2. The special effects and set pieces aren't too bad either.
Fans of season one will be delighted and will want to keep watching even more, and that's what T.V. series are suppose to do.
Where can you watch? Every episode seasons 1-3 are available streaming on Hulu Plus.

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