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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Norah Jones provides the best of the year @ the State Theater, A+

When Norah Jones came on stage at exactly 9PM after a great performance by Alberta Cross, the entire sold out crowd at the State Theater became deathly silent. With grace and voice of a classical jazz legend, Norah delivered one of the best performance of the past few years for Upstate NY at the State.

Everything about the concert this past Saturday night was perfect. 'Oooh, it's a Saturday night' was one of the first things Norah peeped as she began to play with her band. It was insanely crowded at the State-there wasn't an empty seat in the 1,600 capicity theater. It's beautiful hanging chandeliers and smallf ormal atmosphere was the perfect recipe for Norah Jones.
The other members of her band were simply amazing. Each one of them played with such proffesional composure it was like attending a jazz reception from the days of the old. There were some surprises for the night.
The group played more rock pop tunes than one would think at a Norah Jones, and what was more dominant throughout the night was that unusual but great country twing. The highlight of the night included a country version with Norah and her guitarist for 'Come Away With Me'. What was great about her performances was how differant some of her songs sounded, but it was a differance that made them even more perfect than the studio versions.
Norah Jones voice was on fire. Her deepness blended in perfectly with the other musicians, and she sounded as crisp as the fall weather outside.
The encore included very special country versions of her songs 'Sunrise' and 'Creep on In'.
Her guitarist and drummer were fantastic, showing how much composure one has to do in order to be in one of the greatest jazz groups of today's era.
The concert last night was well worth attending to and then some. If anyone has a chance to see Norah Jones, it's one they should do without even thinking. Even though she doesn't tour that often, one she does, it's a sight to see.
Setlist Coming Soon
Special Note: No Photos allowed at any Norah Jones concerts

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