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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ash vs the Evil Dead is scary & super fun, A+

It's hilarious, insane, over the top with gore and violence. The new Starz show is actually scary at many times, but above all, Ash vs the Evil dead is a masterpiece of modern television, all the while staying true to the franchise that inspired it.

Let''s face it. By now, the Evil Dead franchise is never dying, much like it's classical deadites. For good reasons; the first two films were instant horror greats and helped make a promising career for a then talented young director. Now, several movies later and a new T.V. show, the Evil Dead franchise is back and better then ever.
Ash vs the Evil Dead is no doubt one of the best new shows of 2015.
Even non horror fans can appreciate it's down right sillyness and classic B horror movie style touch. Surprisingly, there's even some decent acting held by Mr. Bruce Campbell, who's looking like he's having too much fun pulling this one off. And why shouldn't he? He's back after 30 years, and hey, that's one hell of a comeback.
The other characters of Ash Vs the Evil Dead, the two newbies, have some chemistry too and it's fun watching them on screen dealing with Ash. And hey, all of us deadites know Ash is a pretty hard dude to cope with.
There might not be top rated special effects and it probably won't be a block buster. But, this is what the Evil Dead and cult horror is all about. Ash vs the Evil Dead is wonderfully done and will no doubt be remembered as a great addition to a franchise that shows it can actually be a good thing when horror and comedy mix.

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