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Monday, December 28, 2015

Cage the Elephant's new album continues new twist, B+

Cage the Elephant is one of those bands that never fears trying anything new. They spun that spell with their previously released album, Melophobia. While Tell Me I'm Pretty may not be as great as a change as their last effort, it still continues down that same road, offering a new path for the band and the fans.
Ever since Cage the Elephant released 'No Rest for the Wicked' they brought on the rock world by force. Now, the group's released their fourth studio album, Tell Me I'm Pretty. Since their beginning, Cage has greatly musically changed over the course of their career. Whether that's good or bad is subjective, but for the most part, in the new album, the changes are good.
It's obvious the new song from Melophobia has carried onto Tell me I'm Pretty. With these new tunes, singer Matt Shultz really stands out. He's singing is better than ever and you can really hear it with songs like Too Late to Say Goodbye.
The guitar work is good here as well, despite the musical changes.
The thing that might be the best about the new album is that it sounds like there is a lot of  influene from the Black Keys, who are friends with Cage The Elephant and the two bands tour together often.
One thing that Cage the Elephant does nicely with their music is the lyrics are always full force representing the best of their work. Tell Me I'm Pretty is no exception, and hopefully the album is a success for the band.
While it may not be their best work yet and the album has both good and bad, the fans will still be pleased and that's all that you can hope for.

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