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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Driftwood gets the Westcott moving, A+

Above: Driftwood performs at the Westcott Theater on Saturday, December 12th, 2015
Last night, Binghamton NY based folk group Driftwood put on one of the best shows of 2015 at the Westcott Theater in Syracuse, NY. The energy the band released flowed into the crowd, making everyone dance and sway to their wonderful melodies throughout the night.
The crowded Westcott Theater provided an excellent venue for a great local NY group that shows so much potential they will no doubt explode onto the music scene in a big way in the next few years. Everyone in the band Driftwood were fantastic last night, but the stand outs of the group were bassist Joey Arcuri and fiddle player Claire Byrne. They won the crowd over with many name calls throughout the set.
Driftwood put on a near incredible 90 minute set at the Westcott. It was a fantastic turn out, with the theater being close to sold out.
One of the better moments of the night included an impressive stand up base solo by Joey A. Everyone's eyes were on him, including the other band members as he wooed the crowd slinging the base for several minutes on end.
But every member of Driftwood were on fire last night. The group played everyone's favorites like 'Sun's Going Down' and a great version of 'Outer Space'. There surprisingly weren't any covers played-but Driftwood are in a league of their own, proving that they don't need any other music for a fantastic concert.
Claire was exceptional on lead fiddle and vocals. The energy she puts off was completely in sync with the rest of the group. She was on top form throughout the night.
The sound was also excellent last night, proving that the Westcott still has one of the better sound systems in Upstate NY for any music venue.
Those that came out to Driftwood last night were treated to an amazing show and by far one of the better ones of 2015.
They are a band worth going to see in concert and should be appreciated by all blue grass and folk fans around the country.
Photos by Nicole Carey

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