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Thursday, December 10, 2015

The new Coldplay album is a big letdown, C-

 Although there is still some hope left for Chris Martin, 'A Head Full of Dreams' is disappointing and a step down for one of the biggest musical groups in the business today. The new album from Coldplay isn't completely horrible, but it's far from anything good either.

For those die hard fans hoping that Coldplay may re invent themselves or come out with a mind bending new album, like they usually do, you might want to wait another few years. There is nothing really too special about A Head Full of Dreams. The originality seems to have faded, and save for Chris Martin's voice, the album might be better shelved than put on full display.
Nothing by Coldplay can be completely bad. Chris' voice is still fantastic and better than ever on every song, and is the clear he's the dominant force on the album.
However, one should expect so much more from a band who's first few records were completely original and proved Coldplay wasn't like everyone else. Even their last few albums were at least entertaining, but with this new record, it's as if the band stopped trying.
Which is disappointing to say the least from Coldplay. There aren't any stand out tunes, and the lyrics aren't nearly as powerful as the ones in a 'Rush of Blood to the Head' or 'Parachutes'.
Coldplay doesn't have to re invent themselves on every album, but putting effort into something new certainly wouldn't hurt things.
For better or worse, a Head Full of Dreams is just one small side step for a band as great as Coldplay.
Below: The first new single from a Head Full of Dreams.

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