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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The amazing spider man 2 unfortunately doesn't work, C

Despite fantastic special effects (perhaps the best of all Spider-Man movies) and great acting, The Amazing Spider Man 2 can't help but feel like the middle movie it was suppose to be. Andrew Garfield, Jamie Foxx and Emma Stone aside, the film had too many rough spots to call it good.

It's unfortunate that director Webb's Spiderman Franchise, short lived as it was-never mounted to anything other than two films. His Spider-Man movies had a wonderful line up of actors, and even in the sequel, the acting was top notch. Andrew Garfield seemed to live up to his role as Peter Parker, even though he had out grown it already. Emma Stone was perfectly cast as Gwen Stacey.
Even so, the Amazing Spider Man 2 suffered the same fate as Spider-Man 3. The whole point of remaking films is for the newer ones to be just as good if not better than the originals.
True, the story line was a bit different-and with Webb's Spider Man movies it was more true to the comics.
It seemed as if Spidey had everything going for it-there was even talks of creating a mini Spider-man franchise with more movies planned.
However, things seemed to all fall apart with the Amazing Spider Man 2 and for good reason.
The film tried too hard.
The biggest issue with it was way too many characters.
The best thing about the first Spider Man films was that they brought the villains to life and had fascinating characters.
In Webb's Amazing Spider Man 2, the characters are dull, with stories going nowhere.
The narrative and writing is extremely poor, unfortunately not making up for what good the movie did.
Another bad thing about the movie was the intense length of the film, it could have been an hour shorter with less characters and that alone could have saved it.
Although Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone tried their best, they couldn't help save the Amazing Spider Man 2. Perhaps it's a good thing that this franchise was put to rest.

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