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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Although not as funny as everyone says, Spy is still good, B+

Above: Melissa Mccarthy and Jason Statham in 2015's Spy
Another Melissa McCarthy film, however this time around it's full of action and is pleasantly funny along the way. Spy isn't a perfect comedy film, but it does offer many chuckles and comedic moments.

A powerful cast leads 2015's Spy, which offers glimpses of what CIA analysis do with their jobs. It's a bit unrealistic and over the top, but Spy is still laugh out loud funny, and Melissa McCarthy fans won't disappointed. One of the best thing about Spy is the wonderful cast that's tagged alongside McCarthy, which includes James Bond like spies Jude Law and Jason Statham.
The storyline is a bit over the top even for spy movies, but Spy still manages to hit the target. Following a ring of successful films from McCarthy, the film adds another strong input to her discography.
There are numerous funny scenes throughout the film. Mccarthy herself does a fine job as CIA analysis Susan Cooper, who finally manages enough courage to go out into the field and become a 'Super Spy'.
Like most movies in its genre, things go haywire that lead to several crazy and amusing moments.
There's also good chemistry between Mccarthy and Allison Janney, who plays the baddie.
Above all else, Mccarthy is the star of Spy. She lights up the screen, proving to everyone she's far from done with making good comedy films.
Let's hope the next few will be just as great if not better than Spy.

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