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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Shaun of the Sheep is a wonderful piece of art & film, A

While it may be a bit hard to get use to those who are unfamiliar with the work, for everyone else, Shaun of the Sheep is a wonderful and beautiful animated film that shows true talent from Nick Park and Aardman Animations, the creators of Wallace & Gromit.
Like most Nick Park creations and Aarman Animations, Shaun of the Sheep is for the most part silent. However, this full length animated feature proves that you don't need dialogue in order to have a great movie. Shaun of the Sheep is funny, sweet and brilliant. It's truly a wonder to look at knowing everything is made from clay and stop animation.
These guys truly have created something special here. In a very short time you're deeply connected to the characters as with Wallace and Gromit. With the absence of dialogue, the character development is strong throughout the film. Everything about Shaun of the Sheep is awesome, from the sheep to the big city they visit.
The film creates a world that feels like its very similar to our own. What makes this film unique is how different its approach and overall look to it is.
There's brilliant minds other then Disney & Pixar, and this film proves it. It's warm, fuzzy and something both kids and adults can appreciate & love.
What the best thing about Shaun of the Sheep is how similar it is to the old Wallace & Grommit films. Fast pace, although not too heavy on action, it's got a storyline that most movie goers will appreciate and love over time
Shaun of the Sheep is the most feel good and touching film of 2015, and it's certainly something everyone can enjoy.

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