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Monday, January 11, 2016

Cinderella is for kids but still a bit fun for everyone, B+

While its entirely the same old stuff, Cinderella is a feel good film and fairy tale that shows how great Disney can be when the studio can put its mind to it.

While the new live action Cinderella is far from perfect and adults may be a bit bored throughout the film, kids will no doubt love it and may become a Disney classic over tme. One of the best things about the new Cinderella is the CGI and special effects. Their done exceptionally well, and for once there's good narrative and direction behind it.
Let's face it. It's rated G and it's Disney. Those hoping for a slight twist to the new tale will be severely disappointed. We all know the story, but it is a pleasure to see it drawn out and in live action, bigger and better then ever. While the acting is only sub par, the narrative and direction makes up for that. The magic of Cinderella is there more than ever in this film, and it's good to see the mice and geese and spells in live action.
Disney hasn't lost any of its magical charm here.
However, many outbacks make Cinderella just slightly good and missing it's mark as being a true great new Disney classic.
It's understandable Disney wouldn't want to include anything from the Grimm era, but even the slightest bit of change from the kids story could have made a huge impact, especially for adults. The acting was overdone by everyone involved, including Kate Blanchett as the wicked step mother.
Over all though, young kids will love it and Cinderella may stick around or two for a sequel.

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