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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

While not as great as Daredevil, Jessica Jones still packs a punch, B+

Above: Breaking Bad's Krysten Ritter gets a new show all by herself in Jessica Jones
Marvel and Netflix's new show, Jessica Jones is a lot of things. One thing is for certain it's unlike anything Marvel has ever done, and surprisingly, it isn't for your average super hero nerd and definitely not for kids. That being said, it's a beautiful yet eerie stand alone show that truly highlights its star and villain.
While it's set in the same world and even exact place as Daredevil, and features characters in similar environments, Jessica Jones is completely different than the masterpiece show that came out early last year. Everything about Jessica Jones feels retro, from the characters to the lights and scenes.
Another thing about Jessica Jones that may force the average super hero nerd away is how dark it is. Although it's not as violent as Daredevil, the show itself is far more mysterious and ominous. If anything, Jessica Jones can be categorized as a horror/thriller show more so than anti-super hero.
Indie favorite Krysten Ritter (who let's not forget played Jane Morgolis in Breaking Bad, and has had a few film roles) does a well enough job portraying Jones. She has the looks and attitude down completely, but it may take a while for watchers to get use to her.
However, despite the new unique feelings, there's several things that do unfortunately hurt Jessica Jones that doesn't make it a perfect or as good as a show as Daredevil.
The television show is slow to start with a pace that really doesn't get going until the end of the premiere. Another thing is although the show's anti hero is female, the rest of the show almost screams feminism with almost all the main characters being women who are or were involved with female relationships. It would be nice to see a few changes there.
Aside from that, Jessica Jones is a powerful new show. Most fans of Daredevil will enjoy watching this one, as different and strange as it might be.
The best thing about Jessica Jones is the villain. Like Daredevil, Jones creates such a link between its star and villain that hasn't seen anything like it since the first Spider-Man films.

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