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Friday, January 29, 2016

Ex Machina is a thought provoking A.I. film, A-

With similarities to A.I., Artificial Intelligence, Ex Machina is a rare science fiction beauty that's not meant for a grand scale. Instead, it invites us into its own small world that's fascinating and intriguing.

Like it's many Eva tests, the film Ex Machina also tests its viewers. And that is what exactly an engaging science fiction film should do. With interesting characters and great film editing, Ex Machina is one of those rare gems that once discovered will leave you thinking about it for many days to come. The greatest thing about Ex Machina is that it covers every genre from thriller to comedy to drama, and does so wonderfully.
You can tell Ex Machina was filmed with an intensely short budget-after all it only has four characters the entire time and it's shot in a secluded location. Yet, what the film does with this location and these characters is amazing, proving that you don't need huge special effects and a big budget in order to make a superb science fiction film.
It's a constant reminder of acclaimed artificial intelligence movies like Blade Runner and A.I., yet Ex Machina gives us something new with the female robot Eva. It reminds us what it is to be human throughout the film.
Although there's not much acting in it, Ex Machina makes up for that with storyline, directing and many thought provoking scenes. It suggests great things for newcomer director Alex Garland.
Ex Machina is a British film, however it should be seen by all science fiction fans. Even regular movie goers won't be disappointed with this new low budget sci fi thriller.

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