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Monday, February 8, 2016

Bridge of Spies is an engaging Spielburg drama, A

Above: Tom Hanks with Mark Rylance in 2015's Bridge of Spies
Although it might not be as powerful as Lincoln, Spielburg's last history effort, Bridge of Spies is in a league of it's own. Highlighted with wonderful work from Tom Hanks and Steven Spielburg, Bridge of Spies is one of 2015's best movies and a thrilling spy flick to see.
Bridge of Spies definitely isn't your average spy film. The movie is set shortly before the Cuban Missile Crisis and the beginnings of the Cold War & rise of Eastern Berlin, a fascinating time. The history aspects fo the film keeps viewers interested and deeply involved along with the excellent narrative and directing.
The narrative is perhaps the best thing about the film. Whenever the characters are speaking to each other, you feel like your transported back to the time and place wherever the conversation actually happened.
Of course, let's not forget the films star, Tom Hanks. He proves that he isn't finished yet with this performance. Tom Hanks is on top form as lawyer James Donovon, and you can see he truly spent some time and effort preparing for the role. Watching Hanks in any film is entertaining, but he goes above and beyond compared to his acting in recent films, matching Spielburg's creativity with style.
Bridge of Spies above all else is a fascinating story between two men and the characters surrounding their lives during an important time in world history. And although it may seem dark and droopy, the film is actually more heartwarming and a sense of feeling good then most of Spielburg's film. Dare we say it, a Spielburg film with a happy ending?
There's nothing actually wrong with Bridge of Spies, despite it not being your typical in your face spy action film. However, the drama and intense narrative, along with some impressive scenes, make it a worthy trip for any movie goer. Fans of Hanks and Spielburg won't be disappointed as the two give us a film worth remembering.

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