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Monday, January 18, 2016

Questions & Answers with Alexander Beggins of Wild Child

Above: Alexander Beggins & Kelsey Wilson of Wild Child perform a duet.
This week, Wildfire Reviews had a chance to sit down and talk with Alexander Beggins, lead vocals and ukulele of the indie folk group Wild Child.
Wildfire Reviews Question (Comment):
I'm looking at your tour schedule and you guys are pretty busy for this spring.

A: Alexander: Yes, although it's nothing compared to last year. Last year was hectic, we were on the road all the time in support of the new album. Things are finally winding down a bit. It's a nice little tour we have coming up with a few breaks.

Q: I also see you guys formed in Austin, Texas. I really would like to visit there someday. What was it like living there?

A: It was amazing. I really feel like Austin is unlike any other place on Earth. The people there are so helpful and willing to help you with whatever you need to do. It's a wonderful vibe. I went to University there starting in 2006 so I've personally in Austin for around 10 years.

Q: Have you ever been to SXSW (South by Southwest Music Festival)
A: Oh, every year, many many times as both a fan and a musician. It's an incredible, great crazy experience.

Q: What's SXSW like for you?

A: It's insane. There is literally music everywhere-including in the bathroom at Starbucks. No matter where you go in the city at that time there's always music playing. It's chaos but great chaos. SXSW is great because there's so many music discoveries, you can walk away with listening to some really gems. For us, SXSW is always an incredible busy time of year.

Q How so?

A: For example, last year we played 14 shows in about 5 days. We would play radio morning shows at around 6AM and the previous night we'd be playing a showcase at 1AM.

Q: Wow! Do you guys get any sleep at around that time?

A: None at All.

Q: So how did you guys form as a band? Was it at University?

A: It was as the end of my school years. I was asked to be a back up musician for a touring band called the Migrants. Kelsey was asked to do the same position so that's where we met. We liked each other alot and by the end of the tour we decided to sit down and write an album together, plus we were both from Austin.

Q: How do you guys write your music, what's the process?

A: We never really just start writing music. We just sit down and think of things and put in songs. It usually takes a few days. Most of the time Me and Kelsey have ideas and make a rough draft, then we pitch it to the rest of the band and want to hear their inputs for the song.

Q: I've got to ask, how did you guys come up with Crazy Bird? How did that music video come together?

A: We had such an amazing time with it. We wanted a music video to be unique because it's really hard to make a good video that's original and not cheesy. We basically sat down and thought of the most absurd things we can come up with to put in the music video. We asked our manager at the time which one of these things we can do and he said 'All of them'. We really had a great time making it.

Q: Where was Crazy Bird filmed?

A: In Austin, actually mostly around Kelsey and I's houses.
Going back to Austin people really are so helpful here. We would ask the most random things and always would get replies. For the dirt bike scene in the video, we asked if anyone had any dirt bikes and someone instantly replied that they did and with some land nearby and we were more then welcome to come to their place.
Q: Do you guys have any plans for any more crazy videos? 

A: We are shooting a new music video for 'Fools' that's going to be a lot like Crazy Bird, so stay tuned for it!

Q: When your not on tour, what do you guys like to do?

A: Well everyone is different. Our cello player has a new side project she's starting up soon. For me were so busy on the road all the time it's great just to relax at home in PJs and be comfy and hang around the pool.

Q: What's your favorite Wild Child Song?

A: It definitely changes from time to time. Stitches is one of my favorites because it's about being on the road and each night we play it I'm instantly reminded about it and realize that everything we said in the song is true.

Q: You guys have a nack of coming to Syracuse in the winter!

A: We do! It's just random that way of how the tour works out. Were a bunch of southerners so normally we just go to building to building up where while in the cold!

Q: What can we expect Wednesday night at the Westcott?

A: Each album gets a part in our shows. We always add the fan favorites with our own. We really hope for there to be some dancers in the crowd!

Wildchild are an indie folk group from Austin. They formed in 2010 and have released three studio albums so far.
Here's the music video for their hit single, Crazy Bird:

From right to left: Alexander, Evan Magers & Matt Bradshaw, Kelsey Wilson, Sadie Wolfe.

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