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Thursday, January 21, 2016

'We're all cousins' at the Wild Child show, A-

Above: Wild Child performs at the Westcott Theater on Wednesday, January 20th, 2016
This past Wednesday night, Austin folk rock group Wild Child jazzed up the Westcott theater with plenty of jokes, good charm and music as the hip crowd danced and swayed to the melodies. It was a fun time for everyone involved.
'We're all cousins' happily proclaimed lead singer Kelcey Wilson to the crowd in front of her last night. Indeed, through her and Alexander's awkward comments everyone in attendance did kind of feel a bit like, well cousins. Until one of the cousins vomited outside the Westcott shortly after the show. Aside from that, Wild Child's concert this weekend in Syracuse was a success.
It was a nice break from all the snow Syracuse has been getting lately. Wild Child have a nack to coming to the North Eastern city in January; last year they played at the Westcott during the same month. However, they've only seemed to improve since then, as well as releasing a new album 'Fools'. The Westcott is a perfect venue for the indie folk group, and perhaps they know this too since they were more then happy to play it again.
The band performed a wonderful set list, including fan favorites and new songs alike. It was impressive to see most of the crowd singing along to the new music as well as the older tunes.
It wasn't packed; the Westcott was probably half filled, yet the crowd there gave off as much energy as a larger audience would have accomplished. There was even some crazy dancers scattered about the Westcott. While there were mostly younger females there, some males were in the crowd, wanting to here the indie folk group as much as anyone else.
Most importantly, the band was on target last night. Kelcey's voice was better then ever. Each record the band released had its own bit of time at the concert, which was a pleasant thing to hear. The sound of course was great, proving yet again that the Westcott is one of the best places in Syracuse for amps & speakers.
Also impressive was the group played a near one hour and forty minute set, with Kelcey constantly reminding everyone how great and wonderful it is to play our great city of Syracuse.
Perhaps something different then last time was how much the band displayed spirits. They joked around throughout most of the night, telling jokes and laughing with everyone despite most of the band's songs being a bit more serious. Kelcey even told the crowd a dirty joke or two that lifted everyone's mood.
Overall, Wild Child was worth going to and every indie folk fan should listen to them and attend one of their shows if they have a chance.
Performance grade:
Photos by Rachel F. Vanslyke

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